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2016 Key Stage 2 SATs Results

2016 was the first year that SATs scaled scores replace SATs “levels”. To meet government expectations, pupils must achieve 100 (the expected standard) or greater, in their scaled scores, as opposed to the old expected standard of level 4.

Please click the link below to see the percentage of St. Mary's children who did achieve 100 or more in their scaled scores, compared with children nationally.

The DfE has stressed that the scaled score percentages are not comparable to previous years because of changes in the national curriculum and accountability framework.

St Mary’s would like to thank all of our year 6 children for working so hard towards their 2016 SATs – they have performed wonderfully and should all be very proud of their achievements. As a school, we compare favourably against the National Key Stage 2 Data: (Percentage of children in school achieving the expected level of progress)


Exam And Assessment Results Summer 2016


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