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Our Mission




‘Growing, loving and learning in the arms of Mary’


The mission of St Mary’s Roman Catholic School is to provide for each child, a warm and secure environment where the values, beliefs, practice and knowledge of the Roman Catholic faith are fostered and nurtured.


We will seek to achieve this by:


  • Promoting and treasuring Christ’s values and the values of the Gospels through daily living and teaching.
  • Providing an inclusive environment for all members of our school community, thus enabling equal opportunities to be practiced and fostered by all, regardless of age, gender, race, culture, faith, disability and social background.
  • Ensuring that our curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant and suitably challenging and differentiated, to meet the learning needs of all our children.
  • Providing the best possible learning experiences both in and out of the classroom, thus ensuring our children have a social responsibility that encompasses both local community and global responsibility in becoming true citizens.
  • Creating an ethos where the efforts and achievements of children and staff are valued, celebrated and communicated through an atmosphere of praise, reward and fun.
  • Fostering a genuine partnership between home, school and parish which is productive in supporting